Nashat Akram Assisted by the Iraqi Government

Nashat’s failure Akram joined Manchester City due to not being given a work permit to upset the Iraqi Government. The Ministry of Sports plans to appeal the decision.

Last week, Nashat’s desire to become the first Iraqi player to play in the Premier League could be said to be extinct. The British Ministry of Internal Affairs rejected a request for a work permit for the retainer of the Iraqi national team. The reason is that Iraq is outside the top 70 of FIFA rankings.

Nashat was lucky, he failed to go to Manchester, apparently received attention from the government. Iraqi Youth and Sports Minister Jasem Mohammed Jaafar said he would appeal to authorities in Britain.

“We have appealed a week ago to the authorities in Britain to allow Nashat to play in England. We hope to get an answer in the near future,” Jasem was quoted as saying by YahooSports.

In addition, the British Embassy in Baghdad has also been contacted through diplomatic channels from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Even Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki reportedly continued to follow the development of this case.

“The Iraqi government is willing to provide any guarantees requested by the authorities in the UK,” Jasem closed earnestly.

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